The many benefits of napping -

The many benefits of napping

The many benefits of napping
The many benefits of napping

When's the last time you took a nap?

If it's been a while, sleep experts say it's time to get one on the calendar.

Not only that, but they say to make it a regular appointment.

According to those same experts, that mid-day time out that sets you up for the second half.

"As a kid we were forced to nap, as an adult, we need to nap," said certified sleep expert Peter Tripodi.

He said naps should be scheduled at the same time every day.

"You usually get that post lunch null, instead of grabbing that cup of coffee, a good 10-30 minute nap is best," he said. "Anything lower than ten doesn't give your body the chance to recharge and anything above 30, you're going to wake up a little groggy and drowsy."

He said naps reduce stress and tension, improve our creativity and help us stay alert.

Which is why he said some people even have permission to nap at work.

"Most companies nowadays will have nap rooms in their office which is really cool," he said. "If not, get a good recliner or chair in your cubicle, or even go out to your car."

If your company doesn't have a nap room, he has one for you at the Amerisleep store in Gilbert.

"We actually take reservations for people to come in and take a nap during the work week," he said.

It's free of charge but reservations are required.